Tow Vehicle Wiring Tester


The Aerovault comes with a standard 7 flat/blade pin wiring harness. Not only do you want this type of receptacle installed on your tow vehicle but you should test the receptacle on your vehicle to ensure it is working properly.


We thoroughly test the wiring on every Aerovault. It can be frustrating to connect a tow vehicle to an Aerovault and find all the lights aren’t working correctly. Knock on wood, it’s never been the Aerovault, it’s been an issue with the tow vehicle. We’ve seen tow vehicles that didn’t have a fuse installed for the auxiliary pin (which allows the tow vehicle to charge the battery onboard your Aerovault). We’ve seen something as simple as a pin pushed out the backside of the receptacle so it wasn’t connecting with the pin on the wiring harness. We’ve seen the wrong wiring receptacle kit installed on a tow vehicle for its year.

These can be very difficult issues to trouble shoot but they are identified quickly and easily with a simple tester that plugs into the wiring receptacle on your tow vehicle. As a convenience to our customers we offer here the model that we use ourselves, and always keep in our tow vehicle.