Potential tow vehicles

A major advantage of the light weight and great handling of an Aerovault is you don’t need a dedicated tow vehicle. The following are just a few examples of vehicles that work nicely towing an Aerovault.

Note: The Aerovault standard model weighs 2,340 pounds. Gross Vehicle Weight is 7,000 pounds which means you can load 4,660 pounds of car and cargo inside. Or load less and you don’t need a vehicle that tows the full 7,000 pounds. Be sure to verify your vehicle's towing capacity as the tow capacities listed below can change based on the year and options of the model.

Cadillac Escalade

Tow capacity: 8,100 - 8,300 lbs

Audi Q7

Tow Capacity: 7,700 lbs

Mercedes GL

Tow Capacity: 7,500 lbs

Porsche Cayenne

Tow Capacity: 7,716 lbs

Lexus GX/LX

Tow Capacity: 6,500 - 7,000 lbs


Tow Capacity: 5,952 - 6,000 lbs

Range Rover

Tow Capacity: 7,716 lbs

Lincoln Navicator

Tow Capacity: 9,000 lbs

Ford Expedition

Tow capacity: 9,200 - 9,300 lbs

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tow Capacity: 3,500 - 7,400 lbs

Chevy Suburban

Tow Capacity: 6,000 - 8,600 lbs

Chevy Tahoe

Tow Capacity: 6,400 - 8,600 lbs

Volkswagen Touareg
Tow Capacity: 7,716 lbs
Dodge Durango

Tow Capacity: 6,200 - 8,700 lbs

GMC Yukon

Tow Capacity: 6,300 - 8,400 lbs

Nissan Pathfinder
Tow Capacity: 6,000 lbs
Ford F150

Tow capacity: 5,000-13,200 lbs

Dodge Ram 1500

Tow Capacity: 5,100 lbs-8,930 lbs

Chevy Silverado 1500

Tow Capacity: 5,500 - 9,400 lbs

GMC Sierra 1500

Tow Capacity: 5,500 - 9,300 lbs

Chevy Colorado

Tow capacity: 3,500 - 7,000 lbs

GMC Canyon

Tow Capacity: 3,500 - 7,000 lbs

Nissan Frontier

Tow Capacity: 3,500 - 6,500 lbs

Toyota Tacoma

Tow Capacity: 3,500 - 6,800 lbs


Aerovaults are produced in their Henderson, NV facility with the Mission to redefine the towing experience through innovative design and quality lightweight materials, building trailers that improve the lives of their owners, the people who build them and the planet.


Took first trip with car and Aerovault last night wow! I could not believe how it tracked with a midsize Merc, suv. Without thinking and following traffic I hit 85 in first 15 min of trip! No Big Rig corrections on interstate. Arrived totally relaxed. For the old v nose and ¾ ton I spent tons on sway control and weight distribution. Parts I don’t need now. My congratulations to you for going where no man has gone before!

Hank, SC

I’ve never seen anything like this trailer before. I was towing it to a race last Thursday and passed this tour bus. I noticed all the tourists had come to my side. They were waving and giving me the thumbs up sign. I thought they must really like my car and then I realized they can’t see my car… they love my Aerovault!

Pat, NV

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! With my previous trailer I had to tow at 65 mph or less or the gearing on my truck would kick down, killing my mileage. With my Aerovault I can now tow faster and still get 35% better fuel mileage than with my other trailer or I can go the same 65 mph and get 56% better fuel mileage. The whole time not even noticing the Aerovault is back there. Good design and engineering really work. My dad always told me, “Buy it right or buy it twice!”

Fred, AZ – Owner of an MKI