Read Road & Track’s long-term test of the Aerovault, or as they call it: “The Ultimate Enclosed Trailer”

Then, read Automobile magazine’s Aerovault Design Review by Robert Cumberford: “A great designer can do anything, including build a better car-hauling trailer



Where Towing is Redefined


Aerovault began in 2008 when world renowned automotive designer Peter Brock was looking for a car trailer for his own use. Shaking his head as he looked at the options he exclaimed: “Why doesn’t anyone in the trailer industry understand aerodynamics?!” Brock retreated to his design studio where two days later he emerged with a cardboard and stick scale prototype of the aerodynamic trailer he wanted built.


The result was the Aerovault, a lightweight, aluminum, enclosed trailer that is as enjoyable to tow as the car or motorcycle inside is to drive. And why not? Brock proved it’s possible to have a trailer with great handling that’s stable and light enough to tow with an SUV, attracts as many admirers as what you tow inside and results in towing being a pleasurable experience you look forward to and that you tell stories about, all while protecting your treasure.


Along with the revolutionary design, comes a respectful approach, offering a fully-featured trailer. There is no low-ball “starting price” where you have to add thousands of dollars in options. Every Aerovault is built with a fully skinned underside (the second most important component of aerodynamic vehicles), a winch with a remote control fob, an onboard battery, N-speed rated (87mph) trailer tires, an identical full size spare, Glo-Light and LED interior and exterior lights, and more. ALL STANDARD. If we aren’t willing to tow anything else, why should we offer you anything less?


Take a tour of an Aerovault with Gayle Brock, co-founder of Aerovault trailers. She’s towed Aerovaults more than 100,000 miles through the US and Canada in every kind of weather imaginable and loves sharing her experiences with others.


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