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Green1--The Effective and Safe Cleaner BRE uses

$ 14.95
Green1--The Effective and Safe Cleaner BRE uses

This product has transformed our shop work and our thinking. In setting up the BRE shop in Henderson, NV, Peter Brock started looking for a parts washer and cleaner. He was intrigued with the new environmentally safe products but as he did more research he found that many were still very toxic, ripped up our hands and they didn't do a great job of cleaning filthy parts. Then he came across Green1. It's MSDS rating is a perfect 0 (Simple Green's is 1 (mild hazard) in Health, Brakleen non-chlorinated has 2 in Health and 3 in Flammable). We've been using Green1 on about everything.

We started with the obvious dirty, greasy engines, parts. It was so impressive and yet mild on our hands (and didn't stink) that we started to try it on other things, like a used car that had belonged to a smoker, to clean the steering wheel and other areas where other products had been tried without success. It's safe on exterior painted surfaces and the full interior and can be used on a cloth to clean the finest leather seats, dash or wood paneling, or sprayed directly on carpet stains and sticky messes left in the cup holder.

Got about 20 different cleaning products for your car? We did too but with Green1, things are getting a lot less complicated around here!

It's safe on all electrical components, modulators, rubber, casings & other critical advanced technological components and can also be used to free wheels from brake dust and other elements. It's 100% safe and effective on expensive wheels and other aftermarket parts whether chrome, PVD, brushed aluminum or powder coated. It's also being used in the food industry so we're safely using it on our kitchen counter, refrigerator, microwave, sink and bbq grill.

We're currently offering these great looking, and refillable, 16.9 oz aluminum spray bottles which are perfect for personal use or for testing in commercial applications. For commercial applications, we also offer the product in gallons and barrels. If you're a business and would like to talk to us further please contact us either at or 702-558-3374.

We're a bit slim on inventory right now so don't wait, or please be patient if your order has to wait to be filled. We think you'll love this product as much as we do and once you've tried it we want to hear what you think.