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1:64 numbered & autographed model & 2 archive photo set: '69 BRE Baja Datsun 510

$ 99
1:64 numbered & autographed model & 2 archive photo set: '69 BRE Baja Datsun 510

We're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Peter Brock's adventures in the Mexican 1000 in 1969 by offering 50 numbered and autographed sets of:

  • This Greenlight 1:64 scale model of Brock's un-restored '69 BRE Baja Datsun 510 (that lives in the BRE shop),
  • An 8.5" x 11" archive photo reprint of the car and Brock at the start of the '69 race
  • An 8.5" x 11" archive photo of the BRE Baja 510 as it makes it way down the Baja Peninsula
All three items in this set are autographed by Peter Brock (team owner and manager of the championship Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) team) and numbered with matching numbered seals on all three items (e.g. 01/50, 02/50).

As BRE fans have now had the opportunity to purchase this model, we have now lifted restrictions on how many models you can order. You can order an unlimited number of sets at this time.

The story on this BRE Baja racer, and why BRE keeps it un-restored is:

Fifty years ago Brock ran this BRE Datsun 510 Safari car in what was then called the "Mexican 1000" (now named the Baja 1000). In pre-running Brock identified the rubber mount on the shock tower would not be strong enough for the race. To make a long story short, the Japanese engineer assigned to work with BRE said it couldn't be changed because his boss had designed the part and he would lose face if he was told it had to be changed. Brock said the car would then not finish the race. The engineer said he had a way to address the problem.

The Nissan engineer chartered a plane and stocked it with front-end parts, tools and two mechanics. The plane flew over the BRE Baja car during the race and when the shock mount broke and the shock tower started banging against the underside of the hood Brock would pull over and stop. The plane would see this and land. The two mechanics would run over with their parts and replace the front end on the car. They got really fast at this and we would be down no longer than about 7 minutes at a time.

Then darkness fell. It's illegal to fly at night over Baja because of the drug runners, even back then. The plane had to park for the night. As Brock made his way down the Baja peninsula, the mount broke and the shock started banging against the hood again. Brock and his navigator got out and with a pair of tin snips, cut a hole in the hood of the Baja 510 racer for the shock tower to come through. It was certainly quieter but they had to drive along at a slow pace. When dawn came, the plane found them, landed and replaced the front end. This was repeated until they made it to the finish line... 4th in class!

For years, Brock's wife told him he should own one of his own BRE race cars but they have been valued for a long time and out of reach for the Brocks. Then, thanks to a Datsun restorer in San Diego, Brock's Baja car was found un-restored in the Arizona desert. Brock's wife thought... now THIS was a BRE racer they could afford and it was one of the very few BRE cars Brock had actually driven in a race. Perfect!  Unbeknownst to Brock, she bought the car and presented it to him at a BRE Reunion at the Mitty in 2010.

Ever since, it's become the favorite vehicle of anyone who visits BRE and checks out the cars in the back of the shop. So much so that the Greenlight model company took photos of it during a visit. And now a model of this history maker is available!