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Limited BRE Team Autographed 50th Anniversary Stainless Steel Carrot

$ 146
Limited BRE Team Autographed 50th Anniversary Stainless Steel Carrot

Don't miss this opportunity to own the definitive book on the adventures of the BRE team in 1971-72, autographed by the author AND 9 original BRE team members (two of whom have passed away since this signing).  Autographed and marked with small gold seal stating "BRE 50th Anniversary" (while they last)

The Stainless Steel Carrot
An Auto Racing Odyssey - Revisited

The exploits of the BRE race team from 1970-72 were well chronicled in Sylvia Wilkinson's now legendary book from the period, The Stainless Steel Carrot. Long out of print and still highly sought after, Sylvia finally succumbed to pleas from fans of that era to reprint the book. She has done that, and consistent with her pursuit of excellence, Sylvia has updated the book to include: An additional 46 page chapter that catches up with the BRE team members today, finding out what they think now of the BRE then, and knowing what they know now, asking how they feel today about the era and how motorsports has changed. Numerous pages of additional photos, with quality captions, documenting John Morton's career after BRE The book, of course, contains the original text and photos plus the additions above, including more than 150 photos! (a nice mix of both color and black&white).

A refresher on the original book: in '71 Wilkinson, already a successful author, decided to write a book about an aspiring race car driver. John Morton, having just won the 1970 National SCCA C Production Championship in a BRE 240Z, became her subject. Peter Brock, BRE team owner and manager, allowed Sylvia full access to the team.

The Stainless Steel Carrot shares, without prejudice, the trials and tribulations of the era's top race team reaching for the Trans-Am 2.5 Championship and their hopes to rise to even greater heights with the Stainless Steel Carrot, BRE's Lotus Formula 5000. The magic Sylvia pulls off is to neutralize any voice of the author. The book grabs the reader from their own perspective. If the reader has some experience in management, they are apt to empathize with Brock's struggles to guide a team of talented, opinionated individuals. If the reader is an engineer, the plight of the mechanics may gain their focus. The main subject of the book, of course, is championship driver John Morton. His insight has all drivers and wanna-be drivers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what he will do and how he'll deal with adversity next.

Wilkinson's is a book highly respected by those in the racing community, as witnessed by the fact that introductions by Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones are included in this second edition.

While quantities last, this book was autographed at the BRE 50th Anniversary Reunion February 20, 2016 by:
  • Author Sylvia Wilkinson
  • Championship driver John Morton
  • Team manager/owner Peter Brock
  • Engine guru John Caldwell
  • Gopher turned parts sales expert Kirk Allegro
  • Parts guru Mac Tilton (yes, he founded Tilton Engineering after leaving BRE. Mac passed away 2018)
  • Chassis wizard Trevor Harris
  • Youngest member joining BRE at age 16, Joey Cavaglieri
  • Detail expert John Knepp (passed away 2017)
  • First BRE employee Jeff Schoolfield
Get your autographed copy while they last!