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Framed! Corvette's "61 TV Debut" designer by Bartell - signed reprint

$ 29
Framed! Corvette's

It seems like every time we go through George Bartell's fine art we find something we hadn't taken note of before. Such is the case with this once-again-amazing Bartell art on the TV debut of the 1961 Corvette. With Bartell's passing in April 2013, we went through his work again and this gem was just sitting in the archives waiting to be discovered.

And discover it we did. Bartell created this pen and ink art in 1961 to capture the broad news coverage the amazing new Corvette was receiving then. It's a time capsule showing the old style TV studio setting, cameras, lighting and all those great suits and hair styles!

  • A limited, 63 prints have been made on quality, commercial watercolor paper just like Bartell used, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the '63 Corvette Sting Ray.

  • The prints are numbered 1 through 63 (e.g. 01/63 through 63/63).

  • These prints are signed by ex-GM designer Peter Brock. It was Brock's sketch in 1957 that GM's then-VP of Styling, Bill Mitchell, chose as the direction the car would take. While waiting for the power of the AMA Racing Ban to abate, Mitchell took the design and had his '59 Stingray Racer made. When the influence of the ban waned in the early '60s, Mitchell saw his opportunity to bring the sketch and models from 1957 back to life starting with this '61 Corvette and what would ultimately become the 1963 production Corvette Sting Ray.

  • The original artwork is signed by George Bartell who passed away in April of 2013. His signature is of course shown in this reproduction.

  • To compliment this piece, it comes framed with a glass cover and slim black plastic frame that already accommodates a hanging fixture. Get this beautiful, detailed one-of-a-kind piece while they last

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