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Peter Brock's '63 Daytona Coupe Napkin Sketches (13"x19")

$ 36.95
Peter Brock's '63 Daytona Coupe Napkin Sketches (13

In the late fall of 1963 Ken Miles, John Ohlsen and myself were in the process of building the first Daytona Cobra Coupe. Carroll Shelby came down to the shop saying he was leaving in few minutes to meet with a potential sponsor for the team and needed something to show them what the new car was going to look like.

Because of time constraints, the experimental nature of the project and the fact that it had never really been funded, I hadn't taken the time to create any formal renderings; so no one, including myself was really sure what the car would look like. I'd had the shape in my mind's eye for weeks, but it was so unlike anything that had ever been seen that I was rather reluctant to share the complete concept with anyone except Ken and John, who happened to believe in my ideas.

But now Shelby needed something to talk about, so I pulled out some blank note paper and quickly drew these two, what are referred to by designers as "napkin sketches". Shelby grabbed them, raced out the door and I forgot about them.

It wasn't until years later, long after the car had won the World's Championship, that the sketches resurfaced. We have reproduced them on high qualtiy acid-free art paper along with their story and my signature in a standard 13"x19" size. 

Peter Brock
Designer of the Daytona Cobra Coupe