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'64 - '66 Mustang Valance by Peter Brock

$ 685
'64 - '66 Mustang Valance by Peter Brock

“This new front end is a fairly complicated part to build,” comments original Shelby GT350 Mustang designer Peter Brock, “but the time we’ve invested will help make any ’64 – ’66 Mustang project a winner either on the street or on track. Best of all, with built-in flanges it’s a simple bolt-on component that accentuates the best lines of the ’64-’66 Mustangs. It’s lighter too (16 lbs.), as it integrates the original steel bumper lines in lightweight ‘glass so the whole front end almost looks “factory original” but with the added efficiency of improved airflow to the radiator through the lower central air intake. Note also the improved position for the brake ducts. These go directly alongside the inner fender panel instead of having to cut 90 degrees through that panel with less efficient flow to the brakes. Easier to mount and more efficient.”

The background on this newly designed valance: Back in 1964 when Pete Brock was designing cars for Carroll Shelby, he had the chance to create a whole new look for Shelby’s GT350R Mustang racers but because of limited time, what he wanted to do never got produced. “We were so pressed for time to make that first race of the season at Green Valley in Texas,” says Brock, “we just had to cut away the top of the existing front valence and go with it. It wasn’t pretty or as aero-effective as it could have been but we won with it and that compromise became the accepted look.”

50 years later enthusiasts are still building hot Mustangs, GT350 Mustang clones and “R” model racers so why not do it correctly now? Jim Marietta, one of the original Venice crew that built those iconic R models for Shelby was thinking just that and decided to build a couple of “what if” versions of what those cars could have been had the team had the time to do everything they’d wanted. He naturally called on as many of the original crew as is still around to come up with ideas for the new cars.

Since Pete Brock was responsible for the looks and design details of the original Shelby racers Jim called and asked if he would join the crew and pen the lines for what the Mustang racers should have looked like when the cars were first built. “It’s always fun to go back and do something right that should have been done that way in the first place,” says Brock, “but time and circumstances didn’t permit. Now that we’ve built these new racers for Jim and tested them extensively it’s easy to see that we’ve got a great new front-end component that can add speed, cooling, efficiency and great looks to any Mustang resto-mod project.”

This is a solid, quality part which we have custom made so please allow up to 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.As this is a large part, feel free to contact us regarding shipping options not shown here.