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The best quality rubber tarp straps -starting at $4.50

$ 0
The best quality rubber tarp straps -starting at $4.50
Strap Size:

We never planned to offer these tarp straps for sale. We were using them in our Aerovault trailer to tie-down everything from chairs, tables, brooms, gas bottles, etc (NOT the car!) and everyone kept asking if they could buy some from us.

Turns out that high quality rubber straps aren't that easy to come by, especially in small quantities. Upon doing some research we agreed the straps we use are special and if our customers need them, we'll provide them!!

Our research found that the normal rubber straps found in box stores are made of cheap rubber, don't stretch well and break in heat and cold.

These straps are American made, molded from a high grade EPDM compound (that's the key to their quality) and the S-hooks are zinc plated. These rubber straps resist oxidation, heat and cold crack. Their "safe" stretch rating is approximately 50% of their length. For example, a 31" long strap safely stretches to 47".

Available commerically only by the case, we make them available to you in whatever quantity you wish.

• 10" Strap $4.50 ea

• 15" Strap $6.50 ea

• 21" Strap $8.50 ea

• 31" Strap $9.50 ea

• 41" Strap $10.50 ea