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BRE Daytona Coupe Mirror Kit

$ 249
BRE Daytona Coupe Mirror Kit

Had these modern mirrors been available in 1964 when the original Cobra Daytona Coupe was built I would have mounted them in an instant. Aerodynamic efficiency has always been something I felt was important; not just for speed but for fuel efficiency as well as comfort in the form of improved vision and lessened wind noise. These new mirrors are comparatively aero-efficient because the frontal area of the mirror housings sit well away from the car's surface so they create minimal disturbance to the boundary layer. The thin supporting "stalk" is carefully airfoil shaped to significantly reduce drag over a simpler, less expensive, round tube. Appreciate this small but very significant detail. These things really work!

No matter what kind of Coupe you have, our mirror kit includes the right and left side mirrors and all the hardware you need to mount them, including backing plates that provide additional strength under the skin of the door. They are delivered in black. If you wish to paint them, paint the body of them only (not the stock). Using the can of paint that came with your car will ensure a perfect match.

"Second only to my seat belts, these mirrors are the best investment I've made in the safety of my car. I can now see over the rear fenders!", as shared by a Factory Five Coupe Owner.

If you'd like to know more about the history of the original Cobra Daytona Coupe mirrors, the preferred function of a mirror and why the BRE mirrors are a great change for your Coupe, feel free to read our detailed Tech Doc on this subject, under INFO, BRE TECH DOCS.