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BRE Breaker Bar with Extender

$ 199
BRE Breaker Bar with Extender

BRE's spare wheel/tire combination for the Superformance Coupe is so ingenious you'd think Peter Brock had personally designed it for himself, which he did after realizing an immediate need for it. Like many other supercars (Corvette, Ferrari, Ford GT, etc. the Coupe does not come equipped with a spare. At best some manufacturers supply a small can of compressed air, but that does little good if the deflated tire is cut so badly in the sidewall or tread that it can't hold air. If you drive your car, you'll need the security of a BRE spare. Think about the time and cost to have a flatbed tow truck drive out into the middle of wherever to pickup you and your coupe and that's only possible if you have cell service and you can reach someone who cares. Here's the answer and the problem: even if you did carry a full sized spare for the coupe (and that would take up a lot of room in the back) you'd still have only a 50% chance of carrying the right one! That's right- a rear wheel/tire cannot be fitted to the front of the coupe because it's too wide to permit the wheel to be turned from side to side inside the wheel well and a front wheel/tire cannot be used on the rear as it's a different diameter than the other rear, causing a rotational speed difference from side to side that is NOT compatible with the Coupe's limited slip differential! The answer is BRE's unique thin-spare that has the same diameter as your rear tires and a small enough maximum cross section to allow it to be mounted in front. With the same diameter and properly compensated offset a BRE spare and standard size Coupe wheel are interchangeable. And visually similar from the side. With a modular rim set that is only 4" wide- that's right, 4" wide, the BRE spare sits down into the hatch area of the Coupe taking up practically no space at all. Mounted with a speed-rated motorcycle tire (purchased separately) you won't have to creep home in a ridiculous "limp mode" that other conventional thin spares require either.

How well does it work? Here's BRE's own story: "We were driving through the Utah desert, on our way to cover the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, 30 miles from any services when our right front tire deflated. We easily removed the damaged wheel and tire from the Coupe using our special breaker bar and socket, mounted the spare wheel and tire and were on our way in minutes. On the long stretches of main highway we couldn't tell any difference in the handling of the car. Always one to personally test the limits of our products, Peter took the car up to 100 mph and took his hands off the steering wheel. The car tracked perfectly straight and true down the road. We drove on that spare from Utah to our destination in Colorado Springs, at speed, and used it for three days in Colorado Springs, including runs up and down Pikes Peak every day, while waiting for a replacement tire to arrive from the west coast. It's truly an ingenious design and something every Coupe owner that drives his or her car should have sitting in the back. Like the spare in one of the original six racers, it looks great back there too". 

Related Products: Even if you're not planning on mounting four new lightweight BRE wheels on your car at this time you can still use a BRE spare. When ordering your spare wheel you will want to order one left and one right hex nut, as the threads are different on each side of the car. (The standard three eared knock-off spinners cannot be used on BRE wheels). A must, besides the spare, is the breaker bar and hex socket. These items are carried in your car along with the spare so you can take your wheels on and off as needed when you're traveling. And to keep it all secure is BRE's special spare tie-down, very similar to those used on the original six racers. All products designed specifically for the Coupe by Peter Brock.

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