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Lubricant Spray for Wheels and Nuts

$ 39
Lubricant Spray for Wheels and Nuts

"We tried a lot of lubricants on our hex nuts and wheels and we never achieved the desired result of them staying tight as well as being able to easily "break them lose" when wanting to remove a wheel. We finally went to the experts, hard-core racers that need their race wheels to go on tight, stay on and come off dependably under the most stressed of situations. We found the championship winning teams of the American Le Mans Series were using this lubricant.

It's a lubricant spray in an aerosol package that uses bulk material solvent and propellant. After the solvent evaporates, the coating cures at room temperature to form a solid lubricant with an exceptionally low coefficient of friction. It continues to lubricate effectively even after long periods of non-use and will not wash out or attract and hold dust or dirt. It resists chemicals and fuels and remains stable in many extreme environments due to its dry form.

This is the product to use on your BRE wheels or any wheels for that matter. Difficult to find, we sell it here in an 11 oz aerosol can with detailed instructions on how to apply. "