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GEORGE BARTELL (1933-2013)

Peter Brock, now a world renowned automotive designer, met illustrative artist, George Bartell, when they both attended Art Center College of Design in the mid '50s. Years later when Brock was creating Cobra ads for Shelby American and had no cars to photograph, hiring Bartell to "create" cars via his artwork was the answer.

Those ads became iconic symbols of that era. For years we've looked at the incredible art in George's studio and encouraged him to do something with it. Now, with the internet (, as well as a dedicated section for George's work in our eBay store), there is a world-reaching outlet for Bartell's work and we and George's family are thrilled to be working together to bring it to you.

From original art to high quality lithographs to posters, it's art you appreciate more each day. As George would explain: "The brain is amazing. You just give it an idea and it will fill in the rest." Never "overworked", some of George's best art is of the automotive industry.

The high quality lithographs offered here are made from Bartell's original oil, watercolor, and pen & ink artwork. No additional lithographs will be made.

We also offer a limited collection of original pieces here. There is only one original so once it is gone, it is gone. Feel free to contact us via phone at (702)558-3374 or email us for more details if needed.

Most pieces are signed by the artist and proceeds benefit the Bartell family, just as they did before George's passing March 23, 2013.

Note: Cobra and GT350 lithographs can also be signed by Peter Brock.

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