Security: GPS Combined with Proactive Alerts!


One of the reasons we built our own trailer was to have a lightweight trailer that was also secure. While having a car worked on out-of-state (our v-8 powered Datsun) it would be shuttled from shop to shop in our trailer. The guys working on the car transporting it around started calling the trailer “the vault” because it was so well built and secure. When we decided to build and make the trailers commercially available the name Aerovault seemed like a natural. We’ve now found the perfect system to take that desire for security to a new level…. A proactive GPS monitoring system !



The system alerts you whenever your trailer moves, when a door opens or when the battery on your trailer gets low. If your trailer is on the move it will alert you and show you a map of where it is, where it’s headed and how fast. The map will even show you the best route to take to get to your trailer’s location.

The best advantage of this system is that it’s PRO-active. You don’t wait until you look out your motel room window in the morning, or go to your shop over the weekend, to find your trailer’s gone (and all your valuables inside) to ask where it is. The system alerts you in real time as to what is happening.

We install, wire and program this system into your Aerovault including door sensors on the tailgate and two side doors, which also includes the first year of subscription service. Includes 1 yr subscription