Aerovault Receives Utility and Design Patents

January 5, 2018

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We received our patents and it is the most amazing accomplishment. After all the hard work and time dedicated to creating this one of a kind product, we have the patents to show the Aerovault's true uniqueness.

Utility Patent No. US 9,796,431 issued on October 24, 2017

Design Patent No. US D801,229 issued October 31, 2017

Press Release

November 1, 2017

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Aerovault Trailers looking for quality automotive dealers as
100th Aerovault Trailer Built eliminates backlog,
Patents for utility and design awarded and
new MKII T Model rounds out product family 

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The Aerovault is the FIRST trailer to be in Automobile Magazine

June 17, 2016

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Speed Without Power: Peter Brock’s Aerovault II Really Hauls

A great designer can do anything, including build a better car-hauling trailer

This is the first article in Automobile magazine to ever feature a trailer and for good reason. Design is not just for aesthetics, it's also for function, and the Aerovault has proven to provide both.

Here is an expert from the article written by Robert Cumberford: "Any truly great design is first of all a reasoned solution to a perceived need. With decades of experience in moving race cars around the world, Brock had cataloged all the requirements for a good car trailer in his mind, and when it seemed an attainable goal, he commissioned a vendor to make the first Aerovaults."

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Aerovaults are produced in their Henderson, NV facility with the Mission to redefine the towing experience through innovative design and quality lightweight materials, building trailers that improve the lives of their owners, the people who build them and the planet.


Took first trip with car and Aerovault last night wow! I could not believe how it tracked with a midsize Merc, suv. Without thinking and following traffic I hit 85 in first 15 min of trip! No Big Rig corrections on interstate. Arrived totally relaxed. For the old v nose and ¾ ton I spent tons on sway control and weight distribution. Parts I don’t need now. My congratulations to you for going where no man has gone before!

Hank, SC

I’ve never seen anything like this trailer before. I was towing it to a race last Thursday and passed this tour bus. I noticed all the tourists had come to my side. They were waving and giving me the thumbs up sign. I thought they must really like my car and then I realized they can’t see my car… they love my Aerovault!

Pat, NV

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! With my previous trailer I had to tow at 65 mph or less or the gearing on my truck would kick down, killing my mileage. With my Aerovault I can now tow faster and still get 35% better fuel mileage than with my other trailer or I can go the same 65 mph and get 56% better fuel mileage. The whole time not even noticing the Aerovault is back there. Good design and engineering really work. My dad always told me, “Buy it right or buy it twice!”

Fred, AZ – Owner of an MKI